South Row Elementary School Try It Tuesday

South Row Elementary Students Embrace ‘Try it Tuesday’

South Row students sampling fruits, vegetables and learn healthy eating

CHELMSFORD, MA (Apr. 27, 2023) – Sweet. A little sour. Really good.

Such was the consensus of the students of educator Jennifer Rigby’s kindergarten class at the South Row Elementary School after each was served a raw strawberry. It is part of South Row’s ‘Try it Tuesday’ wellness initiative, in which students have the choice of eating a raw fruit or vegetable every other Tuesday morning and providing their critique.

“We’ve had a really positive experience,” said Ms. Rigby, who has taught at South Row for six years. “This is a nice way to start the day.”

The strawberry marked the third week of Try it Tuesday. While it was a popular fruit – 18 of 19 students in Ms. Rigby’s class partook – the first two weeks presented arguably more of a challenge. Students were served a chunk of cantaloupe in the first week, which was met with favorable reviews, then cauliflower two weeks later.

“All of the students were hesitant to try the cauliflower,” said Ms. Rigby. “However, the kids were brave and tried it. To their surprise, many students asked for a second serving because it was so good.

“It’s great to have them try new things, especially at this age,” she added. “I think the kids are more likely to try it at school. At home, they might be more reluctant.”

On Try it Tuesday mornings, the Nutrition staff at South Row prepares bite-sized portions of that day’s fruit or vegetable. Members of the Student Council work in teams to deliver the portions to each classroom.

The students eat, then deliver their verdict.

“The kids have been adventurous, I have to say,” said South Row Principal Terri Gilbert. “Our Nutrition staff was all for it. It’s a way to promote healthy eating and healthy living. It’s been really fun, and we’ve received really positive feedback.”

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